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Quantity and quality are the quotients for AgriTrace's impact on American Agriculture. We measure our results.


We deliver value by enabling our partners to accomplish their best work. Defending agriculture from all fronts, we connect business, policy and community leaders to our directive to protect American Agriculture. 

Connecting Unique Communities

AgriTrace partnered with Baptist Health South Florida to kick off the inaugural Women Veterans’ Luncheon as part of their Healthy Homestead initiative. 

High-Value Farmland Development 

The new headquarters of AgriTrace is located on the PLK Estate, a 5-acre farm in South Miami-Dade County. This location is nested in the heart of the Redland.

Program Management for Non-Profits

Rapidly growing non-profit, Our Core Inc. developed it's Farm to School programming with AgriTrace. The Hudson Valley non-profit executes agricultural

Professional Outreach and Communications

AgriTrace supports the development of both digital and traditional communications strategies for large membership-based organizations

Public-Private Partnerships and Initiatives

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic AgriTrace organized the strategy and communications to support the Dade County Farm Bureau

Land Access for Farmers and Cooperatives

AgriTrace provides opportunities for farmers and cooperatives seeking to grow their agribusinesses with land agreements that fit their needs for growth.

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Join Us in Protecting American Agriculture.

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