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AgriTrace Kicksoff Grant Support with USDA Farm to School Program

Our Core Inc has been awarded a Farm to School Grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Farm to School Grant valued at $95,500 will help Our Core with its farm to school initiatives and primary mission to empower marginalized youth through experiential and academic education. In consultation with AgriTrace Institute and the Farm to Institution program of New York State, Our Core Inc. will develop a guideline for procurement activities.

Our Core wants to make locally grown food by students and Hudson Valley farmers more accessible. In addition, the food will be prepared with the guidance of nutritionists and culinary professionals.

AgriTrace Institute Director Jenn Bynoe is working to expand grant awards to the South Florida region. "It has been a pleasure to support Our Core's Agricultural Education program by lending assistance in the form of project management, outreach, and research. This grant will allow Our Core to propel its farm to school objectives," she said.

On an annual basis, USDA awards competitive Farm to School grants that support planning, developing, and implementing farm to school programs. USDA's Farm to School grants are an important way to help state, regional, and local organizations as they initiate, expand, and institutionalize farm to school efforts. For more information about the Farm to School Grant Program, visit their website.

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