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Baptist Health Connects Women Veterans with Agriculture

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This leap year 2020 leaders from Florida International University, Univerisity of Miami, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services celebrate women veterans.

An inaugural event powered by AgriTrace connected women veterans with agriculture as part of Homestead Hospital's Healthy Homestead Initiative.

Veterans Choose Agriculture

The Veterans Administration reports that nearly 24 percent of veterans decide to reside in rural areas after completing their military careers. Many of whom also choose to become agricultural producers.

Women veterans have a unique position in today's economy to build agribusinesses in both rual and urban areas. Their community is conhesive and includes the skills sets needed to surmount the ambitious task of building farmsteads.

Special Partnerships

This year's event featured speakers from South Dade's leading educational institutions and non-profits and took place at AgriTrace's headquarters in the historic Agricultural Zone of Redland FL. The local community supported this event in benefit of "Hope4Veterans" a community of veterans located in Florida.

A Generous Farm to Fork Affair

Provisions for the event were made possible by South Florida's most popular farms, eateries and markets including Grow2Heal, French Farms, Old School Bakery, Redland Community Farm & Market and Schnebly's Winery.

Powerful Programing

The AgriTrace team organized the speaker lineup to best address issues relevant to the veteran community. This year's event recognized the accomplishments of both women service members and military spouses.


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