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Little River Co-Op and French Farms Annoucement

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

AgriTrace's newest farm partners annouce their arrival to Redland, FL

The goal of AgriTrace Institute and its farm partners is to develop the space where community-based agriculture can thrive.

Via Instagram @littlerivercooperative: September has arrived and it brought with it lots of changes, news and updates we are excited to share with you all. The biggest piece of news is that we have moved our nursery to the Redland! We are happy to announce that we have partnered with agricultural nonprofit AgriTrace Institute alongside our friends @frenchfarms 🌿 We will all be working on location at the The PLK Estate, nestled in the center of Redland, FL. Affectionately called Miami's back yard, the Redland offers crops that are not grown commercially elsewhere in the continental U.S. The largest of which are avocados that cover nearly 8,000 acres of the community’s agricultural land. The goal of AgriTrace Institute and its farm partners (thats us!) 👨🏼‍🌾🧑🏽‍🌾 is to develop the space into a site where organic & community based agriculture can grow and thrive in the heart of the Redland agricultural district. We will be growing lots of organic produce & happy seedlings and together with AgriTrace Institute we will be organizing educational opportunities, cultural events & specialty crop trials 🌾 We are particularly excited about serving as a link between our urban community and this historical agricultural area. We are hoping that our presence in the Redland will open up exploration of that area to you all. There are lots of beautiful places to visit nearby and we will be putting together a map of the area 🗺 and also sourcing plants & tropical fruits 🥭 from our new neighbors for our online store & farmers market booth. Our four seasonal plant sales will take place at The PLK Estate and will be great reasons to head south for the day, and we will continue to sell seedlings & produce at the farmers market (which is scheduled to reopen in November). In response to Covid-19 closures we are also launching an online store that will sell our plants & gardening products for contactless pickup at a variety of locations throughout Miami. Stay tuned for plenty more info on our upcoming season and do take a scroll through our nursery moving journey, which started with the challenge of taking apart and throwing away a boat (with a tree growing in it!)

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